Friday, August 31, 2007

Retailers List

We've started to add Glitz retailers to the right of the blog!
Our retailers have been receiving their Glitz products for the past two weeks, so you should see Glitz at your LSS very soon! If you don't see it at your LSS... ask for it!

Check back next week....for some fabulous Glitz Giveaways!

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!

Below is our unique 12inch Glitz Frosting! Each package comes with two 12inch self-adhesive strips! The glue on this fabulous product is acid free and moldable/pliable! This means you can shape your 12inch Frosting strips into many shapes and sizes! Perfect for outlining pictures and letters! Also works great for altered items! Glitz offers 7 stunning colors!


Elizabeth said...

Those look like SO much fun!!!

MIchelle said...

Ooooooh I love that bling! I have to have some of that!

Kim Moreno said...

I LOVE the frosting!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you added the retailers, I've been looking for your products!
Melissa, Texas

Dee said...

This all looks amazing! I see Scrap frames is a retailer in Australia - awesome!!!

Trejo Family said...

Oh so cool!! I can't wait to get my hands on your frosting. Look at all those retailers. You guys have done awesome!!

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

This is some "must have" bling! Love it!

ScrapShed said...

Hey Glitz Gals!

Don't forget to add us to the Retailers list!

Thanks gals!