Saturday, May 9, 2009

**Happy Mother's Day**

Hi everyone! Leslie here....
It's Mother's Day weekend!
In honor of ALL Mom's out there...
I've posted a couple of projects to celebrate the day...
My first project is a teeny canvas (3.75x4.50) I found at
my local Hobby Lobby (Michael's or any craft store sells them)
I thought it was SO cute and wanted to make something with it...

so here you have teeny canvas project:
For this canvas I simply did:
1. sanded the canvas a little then sprayed Glimmer Mist (in pink) and wiped off immediately
(I only wanted a tad bit of the pink in the background) then painted the edges in
silver & black.

2. I rubbed the Glitz rub-on (frames) and let it hang off the edge a little (later I cut
off the piece I didn't need)

3. In the open center of the frame I added a journaling sticker from the "Audrey"
line and framed its edges with Glitz frosting.

4. Next I added a sentiment sticker from "Audrey" and let it hang off the side a bit

5. I placed a photo corner sticker from "Hot Mama" to give it a little more flair.

6. I used a rub on from "Hot Mama" and made it 3D using a pop dot.
I hope you enjoy this project!
Here's a closeup:

I saw a cool inspiration piece on a website and decided to try the technique
myself!! (For more information about the technique - visit my blog)
It's called "Inchies"
Here's my Mother's Day "Inchies" project:
You can decorate any size canvas - in any way you desire.

I used ALL Glitz products on this canvas (which is sized: 6.75x8.75)

Here's what I did to make this canvas:
1. sanded the canvas

2. sprayed glimmer mist (I used bubble gum) & wiped it off, I just wanted

a touch of pink.....

3. painted the edges in silver first, then black (for the "grunge" effect)

4. punched 1 inch squares from Glitz's "Hot Mama" & "Audrey" papers

5. distressed each square's edge and painted silver

6. placed them spaced a tad bit apart and making a couple "3D" with pop dots.

7. I decorated a few squares with Glitz's Rub - Ons & stickers

8. I left off 2 squares towards the bottom - just enough room for my letters
and I added a rub on bird from the "Audrey" line. (I created my own crown for the bird using stickers and frosting from Glitz.)

That's it! Easy and fun....

close ups:

and another.....

Happy Mother's Day!!
May your day be blessed!


Nancy W said...

Leslie, What Masterpieces! I am so lifting your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them and walking us through them! Hugs from Conroe, TX! Now off to your blog I go!

JWood said...

CUTE! i LOVE inchies! check out my blog too! new collages on deck : )

jacgonz said...

I so love that! GREAT! Hope all you gals had a great Mom's Day! I too am lifting that! Hey, Nancy - lol! Thanks Glitz Girls for sharing.

lifeheARTist said...

These are absolutely stunning! Great inspiration in those beautiful gift ideas! : )

Anonymous said...

love your mini canvas and inchies ...i love to create on canvas....

Louloupi said...

I just want to say that I'm discovering your blog .....And your products....And I love !!

unfortunately we don't have them in France :-( ....Then I'm so sad ....

Louloupi from Paris ...France

Louloupi ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Brownkoys said...

CUTE! i LOVE inchies! check out my blog too! new collages on deck : )