Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Freedom of Summer with Leah Farquharson

We love summer around here. The freedom, the activity... well, not the heat. Living in the tropics has it's disadvantages - but we try not to dwell on that! On afternoons when the boys are running around enjoying the outdoors, you'll usually find me toting my camera around behind them trying to capture some of these most favorite moments of their little boyhood.

I loved using the bright, vibrant colors in the Maya collection to document some of them! I also layered stamps from the Distressing Set 2, and Save the Date sets to add more interest to the page!

Here's a few detail shots:

Summer also means lots of birthdays around here... 3 out of the four of us are in June and July! ^_^ Even though we had a few things stand in the way this year, I squeaked a cake in at the 11th hour {literally, 11:40pm}, so that I made sure that my hubby felt special for his special day!

And what says birthday better than a little banner? I created this one using a simple circle punch, patterned paper, tiny letters and some satin ribbon.
Of course, I had to journal a little bit about the lateness of everything this year down in the corner... this is one of our favorite cakes, too! Guinness chocolate - and yes, it has stout in it...yum...

Happy summer!


Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway said...

misting queen .. LOVE IT

Lisa Andrews said...

Love what you did with the mist! The banner on your 2nd layout is perfect. Great layouts!

Lea L. said...

These are so fabulous, Leah! You are such a misting pro!!


Kay said...

Amazing! I love the banner and the fabulous misting! Your'e so talented! ♥♥ Kay