Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hoopla Happy Birthday with Courtney Baker

I was so excited to get the new lines from Glitz! What is it about new supplies that just instantly make the creative juices start flowing?

I'm in desperate need of birthday cards, and the Hoopla Cake is just perfect for that!

Glitz Design "Hoopla" Papers: Cake, Polka
Glitz Design "Hoopla" Papers: Rub Ons
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha Apple Green Block
Glitz Design Giant Rhinestones Black
Glitz Design Pom Poms Aqua
Glitz Design Tulle Black

On my next card I wanted to use the new distressing set. I just love this alphabet line. So cute!
Glitz Design "Hoopla" Papers: Zebra
Glitz Design "Love Nest" Cardstock Stickers
Glitz Design "Hoopla" Peek-A-Boo
Glitz Design Clear Stamps: Distressing Set 3

If you haven't checked out the new collections from Glitz, you totally should!

1 comment:

leah said...

Fabulous cards! I so love the Hoopla collection! I agree - love that cake!