Thursday, December 16, 2010

Seasonal Layouts with Lisa Andrews

Although Glitz doesn't typically do themed products lines, I think that there are still so many possibilities when wanting a Christmas or seasonal layout with their products.

For my first layout share today, I want to show a Christmas themed layout.

Last December my family did a 5K Reindeer Run. It was a bit of a challenge, but we finished! We are looking forward to doing it again this year.

I really like the big tags with the months of the year! Such a cool new Glitz product.

My next layout is all about winter and sledding. The blue colors in both the Love Nest and Hoopla lines were perfect for creating a frosty feeling on this layout.

I love using the Peek a Boo Transparencies. One thing I always try to do when I use these is to layer something on top of the transparency. The layering gives me a place to hide the adhesive.

Also, don't you love the look of the giant rhinestones? I figure one cannot have enough bling!

Reindeer Run Layout Supplies
Glitz Designs "Hoopla" Paper: Cake
Glitz Designs "Love Nest" Paper: Polka
Glitz Designs "Scarlett" Paper: Polka, Wallpaper
Glitz Designs "Hoopla" and "Love Nest" Whatnots
Glitz Designs Red Frosting
Glitz Designs Teeny Alpha Black Round
Glitz Designs "Scarlett" Journaling Sticker

Go Sledding Layout Supplies
Glitz Designs "Hoopla" Paper: Polka, Frames, Pipework
Gltiz Designs "Love Nest" Paper: Block
Glitz Designs Teeny Alpha Aqua Block
Glitz Designs Giant Rhinestone
Glitz Designs "Love Nest & Scarlett" Peek a Boo Transparencies
Glitz Designs "Love Nest" Glitzers

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Anonymous said...

Tina M.

I have never been much for seasonal layouts! The last couple years though I have been creating more of them. I love these pages, the paper the colors are beautiful. Thank you for sharing and your generosity and inspiration.