Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creative Calendars with Emeline Seet

HAPPY New Year, everyone!!
Today, I have a couple of calendar themed items to share with you which I hope you'll find useful and handy.

Time really does fly by and to me, it is useful to know which day/date in the month I am in. So, this wall-hanging calendar is really functional. To find a printable calendar, simply google "printable caldendar" and you'll find some sources.
Glitz Designs Love Nest Paper "Polka"
Glitz Designs Love Nest Paper "Dasmask"
Glitz Designs Love Nest Whatnots
Glitz Designs Scarlett - Glitzer Stickers
Glitz Designs Yellow Pom Pom

Next, I made a mini caldendar book with the help of brown paper-bag.
I used the bags as "page" and pasted the months onto it. I use these bags to store little paper knick knacks along the next 12 months. Things like ticket stabs, memorabilia which you'll think are too precious to discard.


Glitz Designs Love Nest Paper "Block"
Glitz Designs Hoopla Whatnots
Glitz Designs Hoopla Glitzer Stickers
Glitz Designs Love Nest Peek- A - Boo

Hope you're inspired to make one yourself!
Have a fruitful year ahead !


Genevieve said...

These papers are wonderful!
Here is the calendar which I made!

Lea L. said...

Fabulous calendar projects! Love them!

Kristii said...

Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful!!