Friday, January 28, 2011

Girl to Girl Cards with Michelle Philippi

January 28th? Really? How did that happen? Wasn't it just Christmas like yesterday? Oh my. Better hurry on up and get the annual stock of all-occasion cards made up before we get too much farther in to the year!
I've got a couple of girl-to-girl cards to share with you today. The first one is the perfect pick-me-up card to send to your girlfriend. I actually have a bunch of rose bushes all along my front walkway and I'll tell you what, stopping to smell them just makes me smile - a total turn that frown upside down moment.
My second card makes me giggle. I love the "goody two shoes" on this vintage notebook paper and pairing it with the "be yourself" sticker I thought was pretty funny. We all have one of those goody two shoes girlfriends, don't we? But we love her anyway! I tried to make this card all perfect and pretentious just like her *giggles*
Cheers! - the weekend is here.
Glitz Design "Scarlett" Paper: Polka
Glitz Design "Scarlett" cardstock sticker
Glitz Design tulle
Glitz Design "Love Nest" Paper: Damask
Glitz Design "Love Nest" Titles cardstock sticker
Glitz Design "Scarlett" paper layer
~ Michelle

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