Monday, March 14, 2011

Feeling Pretty & Faithful Friends with Leah Farquharson

We recently had a really big family occasion - it was exciting and lovely, and fun. But you know as a lady, you um, sometimes struggle with something to wear? As you know if you're a reader here, all of my guys were dec'd out in tuxes, and I didn't want to feel underdressed. So started the process of trying to find something suitable. And needless to say - it just couldn't be found. So what did I do? Not give up - that's for sure! I decided to make my outfit. Or I should say, I ended up just making the skirt. 30 yards of tulle, a zipper and lining fabric {but no pattern} later, this is what I had:
Supplies: Glitz Designs:Hoopla Zebra patterned paper, Scarlett Map, Floral, Bouquet, Polka patterned papers. Scarlett Glitzers, Rubons, Whatnots. Love Nest Whatnots. Pom poms, Black Yellow Aqua. Giant Rhinestones. Clear Red Aqua. Frosting, Pink Black Green. Teeny Alpha Aqua Block. Other: Foam letters from American Crafts

And my conclusion? Every woman needs a tulle skirt some time in her lifetime. I felt like a princess - in a very grown-up, awesome way.

The last time the boys got sick, I watched something cool. Our youngest definitely counts our oldest son to be  his best friend - and to me, he really showed it lately when the big guy was under the weather {and working on a loose tooth! lol}. Instead of heading off and doing his own thing, he cuddled up to big brother even though he wasn't sick at all. Of course as a mom, part of me shuddered - knowing he would go down quickly with the same, but I figured it was inevitable, so I just let it go. I love seeing the bond between them, even though I spend half of my time breaking up their fights.
Supplies: Glitz Designs: Hoopla Pipework patterned paper. Scarlett Floral, Map patterned papers. Scarlett Titles, Journaling, Rubons. Love Nest Whatnots, Glitzers, Peekaboo.  Hoopla Journaling. Teeny Alpha Yellow Block. Other: craft supply ribbon, button. Flower from Prima.


Kristii said...

Absolutely beautiful Leah!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, 30 yards of tulle! That must have been an amazing skirt. Sweet layout about your boys too.