Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beach Huts & Dad with Michelle Jackson-Mogford

Hi all, for my Glitz offering this month I decided to swap one of my layouts for something a little different ....

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!! And the fabulous Afternoon muse papers with a few other Glitzy bits from the other lines were perfect to create my little piece of summery home decor ... here's the ingredients;
Glitz Designs Afternoon Muse papers; Stripe, Polka, Floral, Block and Carte Postal
Glitz Designs Laced with Grace paper; plaid
Glitz Designs Afternoon Muse Glitzers
Glitz Designs Love Games Paper layers
Glitz Designs Love Games cardstock stickers - titles
Glitz Designs clear distressing stamps set 3

I cut out my pieces for construction from some chipboard...

...then covered them with the yummy papers on both sides and started to construct. Before I attached the back of the hut I decorated the inside of the back panel with a Glitz stamp, my family photo and some material for texture.

After attaching the back of the hut I decorated the door and added a hinge down the left side made from a strip of patterned paper folded in half.

For the roof tiles I cut the green diamonds from the reverse side of the Carte postal paper, cut them in half and layered them up on the roof, adding the bunting cut from the paper layer to the front.

I added some little trinkets inside the hut and added a small step to the front finishing it all off with the cardstock sticker on the inside of the door. I hope you've enjoyed my little trip to the seaside. Next I'd like to introduce you to a very special man in my life ...

...My Dad! As it's fathers day this month we are celebrating the special fellas in our lives over at Glitz and the Love Games line fits perfectly with this rare photo of my dad not making a cheesy grin at the camera! Here's what I used;
Glitz Designs Love Games papers; polka, stripe, damask, floral
Glitz Designs Love Games cardstock stickers; titles and journalling
Glitz Designs Love Games paper layers
Glitz Designs Afternoon Muse glitzers
Glitz Designs Love Games whatnots
Glitz Designs teeny alphas; Burnt orange and cream
Glitz Designs Run on fancy frames

I started with a bit of distressing, well I would wouldn't I! and decided to go with the lovely black side of the Love Games floral paper as my base, adding in a little red insert with the polka paper to match the mount I created for the photo.

I built up layers of paper, paper pleats, rub ons and some hessian for texture.

My top tip when using the fabulous Glitz whatnots and stickers, if you only want to have a bit peaking out, cut them so you get the rest to use on another project.

Adding the teeny alphas (LOVE these!) for my title...

... I finished off the layout by circling the relevant words on the paper layer for my journalling. I think this layout will go on an easel on the side in my house, the Love games papes are so stylish and I want everyone to know how much I love my dad!
Thanks for letting me share my Glitzy projects with you and thanks for stopping by. I'll see you soon,until then Happy Crafting
Love M x


Nicole Martel said...

That house is absolutely adorable!!

Lea L. said...

What fun projects!!

woodandfabric said...

oh my! Both projects are Wonderful! So creative!

Yasmin said...

Wow!! Absolutly stunning projects!! :)

Anonymous said...

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Morris said...

Wow!! Absolutly stunning projects!! :)