Friday, August 19, 2011

Vintage Chipboard Album with Tracie Hudson

One of my paper crafting passions is creating mini albums to share as gifts with my friends and family. Using a Glitz Design Chipboard Album, teamed up with other Glitz goodies from the Laced with Grace collection I created this mini album to give as a gift for a very special friend.
A transparent Peek a Boo lies beneath the Journal and Title stickers which decorate the front cover of the album.
Butterflies were hand cut from patterned paper and layered before a little Glitz frosting was applied to give this cover a touch of bling.
The inside page was covered with patterned paper and embellished using What Nots and Stickers from the Laced with Grace collection. A length of lace was wrapped around the stickers before they were attached to the page and then further embellishments added to create a point of interest.

Decorating only one of the pages from each two page spread meant that there is plenty of room in this mini album for your journaling and photographs. To keep the embellishment design running smoothly throughout the album I decorated just along the edge of one of each of the pages. A Sticker was cut in half and attached to the page before being embellished further. The remaining sticker can then be used elsewhere throughout the mini album.
Attaching the Stickers to cardstock and then cutting them out makes them a lot sturdier and also allows for the use of 3d foam pads to be applied. By layering the Stickers above Glitzers it added plenty of dimension to this page.
The use of blooms and lace adds texture to the page.
A Title Sticker was adhered to a Peek A Boo before being 3d layered across a Butterfly What Not from the Laced with Grace collection. Pearls were added to the outer edge of the accent sticker to draw focus to the page title. A Glitzer sticker was cut and attached to the bottom left of the page -

leaving the other half to be used on the opposite page - helping to keep a sense of continuity running throughout the mini album.
A Paper Layer from the Laced with Grace collection was used to cover this page which was embellished using a Glitzer decorated with a bloom. Wording was added to the page using Wood Grain Teeny Alphas.
To create a framed base for the blooms to sit upon a Glitzer was cut in half before being attached to the page. A Butterfly was hand cut from the patterned paper and attached using 3d foam.
A large What Not was used to create the background for this page, which was embellished using a floral design which had been hand cut from a smaller What Not.
The remaining half of the brown frame Sticker was used to peep out from beneath the lace and a small rose used to embellish.
A combination of What Nots and Stickers were used to decorate the inside of the back cover, which had first been covered with patterned paper.
Finally the book was bound by threading along the spine using a length of coordinating ribbon.
If you have used one of the Glitz Designs Chipboard Albums then please leave a link here because I'd love to see them.
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Shona said...

this is just gorgeous!!!!!!!

Jenna Ruth said...

Beautiful album!! :)

Rommel said...

girl, your album just.. YUMMY! Loved it all!!! :)

Kristii said...

Absolutley beautiful!! Each page is a treasure!!!

BethW said...

Absolutely gorgeous-what a talent you have!Thank you so much for sharing.

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. You are truly gifted. I have shared your site with many friends and family. It is always a pleasure to read.

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