Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweet Life Journal & Card with Michelle Philippi

A lot of people see patterns and fashion and pretty scenery and use that as their inspiration when they are creating something. I'm not one of those people. I don't know what that means - if it's a left brain/right brain thing or what, but when I sit down to create, my inspiration or my roadmap really does come from the product that I am working with. And when I got my box of all the new Glitz stuff I had a bunch of ideas comin' at me right and left. 

The first idea? Use the Glitz chipboard album and make something with it.
Whoa. I've never done this before! So what I decided to do was go big or go home. I actually combined the Vintage Blue and the Dance in Sunshine albums to make one big one.
003 copy
009 copy
I added in some large glassine bags as pockets to store some keepsakes in this little album.
And then I embellished both sides of the bag with pretty Glitz peek-a-boos, whatnots, stickers and more.
011 copy
0166 copy
017 copy
021 copy
025 copy
There are more pages in this book than what I am sharing here.
We'd be here all day so I just chose some of my favies to show ya'.
028 copy
034 copy
036 copy
I'm using this journal for an end of the year birthday so I made a quick card to coordinate with the gift.
043 copy
Celebrate the sweet life (journal)
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" chipboard album, Whatnots, Peek-A-Boos, cardstock stickers Titles, epoxy stickers, giant rhinestones, trim
Glitz Design "Dance in Sunshine" chipboard album, Whatnots
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Whatnots, Peek-A-Boos
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha
Quick birthday card
Glitz Design "Dance in Sunshine" Whatnot
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Whatnot
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha