Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Dreamer Gift Bags with Michelle Philippi

I love making gift bags and using them to give a little gift. There's just something about that handmade touch that makes gift-giving so much more special. What's more is giving a set of handmade gift bags as a gift. Same concept as making and giving greeting cards. This time it's the packaging though.

I took some plain brown paper sacks, layered on some Beautiful Dreamer patterned paper from Glitz, faux stitched a border on each and then layered on a mix & match of stickers and cardstock pieces.
A quick & easy gift; a great hostess gift actually.
065 copy
070 copy
074 copy
079 copy
062 copy

Beautiful Dreamer gift bags
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Floral (and back) Toile (and back) patterned paper, cardstock stickers Journaling, epoxy stickers, giant rhinestones, trim


Lynne said...

These little gift bags are so beautiful!! What an awesome idea!!

Rachael Funnell said...

Just Gorgeous are these Bags!!!!

amany said...

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