Monday, October 10, 2011

Boy & Girl layouts with Mou Saha

Hi Glitz friends, Mou Saha here!
Even though we don't see much in the way of changes in seasons in our part of Florida, we are starting to feel the chill in the air as we walk to the school bus stop every morning. In the midst of Fall cleaning and all the talks about possible Halloween costumes, I have been making pages with the new Glitz goodies. So, here are my pages for October...

Sweet as Candy
Beautiful Dreamer 12x12 Stripe paper
Beautiful Dreamer stamp
Beautiful Dreamer Title Stickers
Beautiful Dreamer epoxy stickers
Beautiful Dreamer Giant Rhinestones
Beautiful Dreamer trim
Teeny Alpha Pearl stickers

Sieze the Day
Dance in the Sunshine 12x12 Raindrops paper
Vintage Blue 12x12 Rose paper
Vintage Blue 12x12 Stripe paper
Beautiful Dreamer stamp
Vintage Blue Title Stickers
Teeny Alpha navy stickers

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