Monday, December 5, 2011

Sparkle & Shine with Emeline Seet

Sending you warm vibes as we enter into the last month on the calendar! It must be really cold over at some places right now!

The beginning of December also means the start of counting down to Christmas and the New Year! Over here at Glitz Designs, the team will bring to you a whole array of holiday themed paper craft,layout and card ideas.

I decided to make a couple of cards using an unconventional color scheme and one using a traditional color palette. The first card made use of gold and blue, where I added Glitz Design's Giant Rhinestones. These come in really handy to make any card look festive!

Vintage Blue 12x12 Floral Paper
Beautiful Dreamer 12x12 Polka Paper
Vintage Blue Giant Rhinestones
Beautiful Dreamer Title Stickers
Beautiful Dreamer Journaling Stickers
Dance in the Sunshine Giant Rhinestones

My next card is a traditional shabby red Christmas card. To add a touch of glitter, I added mica onto the title sticker.


Beautiful Dreamer 12x12 Stripe Paper
Vintage Blue Paper Layers
Dance in the Sunshine Title Stickers

Using silver, midnight blue and cream color combination, I created a layout using Glitz Designs' Vintage Blue Collection.

Whenever I think of this year end season, I love to fill my projects with anything that glitters. On my chipboard piece, I decorated with sugary fine glitter and mod podge. The effect is lovely and dimensional.

Again, Glitz Design's giant rhinestones are incredibly appropriate.

Vintage Blue 12x12 Motif Paper
Vintage Blue 12x12 Rose Paper
Vintage Blue Journaling Stickers
Vintage Blue Giant Rhinestones
Dance in the Sunshine Title Stickers

Have a fabulous day!


I'm just a simple gal said...

oh wow, those are all so very fabulous Emeline!!!

Sabrina said...

Beautiful projects as usual, Em! :)