Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Fun Layouts with Mou Saha

Hi there, Mou Saha here with today's layouts.
Summer is in full swing here and so are activities. I'm having a blast taking photos of the things that say summer to me. One such thing is the kids in the pool and also the subject of my first layout.

I stamped the post card onto the solid side of the Love Games Damask paper. Then I drew a fish on it, colored it, cut it out and used it as an accent.

And here's my second layout about a day out with my friend and kids.

Layout 1: I Wish, I Wish, To Be Fish
1. Love Games Damask 12x12 paper
2. Laced with Grace Plaid 12x12 paper
3. Afternoon Muse Floral 12x12 paper
4. Distressing Set 3 Clear Stamp
5. Teeny Alpha Olive Green stickers
6. Teeny Alpha Yellow stickers

Layout 2: PhotoWalk
1. Love Games Stripe 12x12 paper
2. Laced with Grace Plaid 12x12 paper
3. Afternoon Muse Banner 12x12 paper
4. Teeny Alpha Olive Green stickers
5. Cardstock Stickers Scarlett Titles
6. Afternoon Muse Peek.A.Boo
7. Afternoon Muse Paper Layers


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