Friday, September 3, 2010

Recording Hopes & Dreams with Noel Culbertson

Scrapbooking has always been a gateway for reflection on life, love and blessings. It records the hopes and dreams of the present, to reflect on at some moment in the future. As my girls get older, becoming a better parent is always on my mind. I stumbled across a quote online that struck a chord with me. I knew it was one that I wanted to preserve with some Glitz on a layout. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that reminds us just where we need to be.

The Quote:
"One night a father heard his daughter pray, 'God, make me the kind of person my daddy is.' Later that night the father prayed, 'Lord, make me the kind of man my daughter needs me to be.'"

hope, pray, dream

hope, pray, dream {detail}

hope, pray, dream {detail}

hope, pray, dream {detail}

Distress Couture Blocks (DC2310), Kismet Floral (K2235), Vintage Love Damask (VL2358), Kismet Numbers (K2242), Vintage Paper Layers (V2662), Vintage Love Whatnot's (V2679)

2 together

2 together {detail}

2 together {detail}

2 together {detail}

Kismet Ledger (K2860), Kismet Numbers (K2242), Kismet Stripe (K2211), Kismet Dots (K2228), Kismet Glitzers (G2563), Detour Titles (C2426)


Lea L. said...

Such wonderful and heartfelt layouts, Noel! And I just love all the beautiful photos you take of your girls! They will treasure those when they are older!


Lisa Andrews said...

Such a great quote. Love all of the little details on your layouts.

dannisdoodles said...

these are so absolutely incredible, wow!