Thursday, June 9, 2011

Celebrating Vacations & Father's with Mou Saha

Hi there my Glitz pals, Mou Saha here with today's projects.

As I was going through all of our recent cruise photos, I stopped at one where my daughter was standing in front of a wall... the wall had a design of a woman leaning out of a window with a plate of fruits in her hand. The background was just as important as the subject in front of it. To highlight the lovely Victorian image, I decided to layer clusters of roses cut out of the Laced with Grace Floral paper.

For my second layout and in honor of Father's Day, I created a page about a funny family anecdote from a few years back.

This mini letter stickers are my absolute favorite for creating long titles.

To create the banner at the top of the page, I simply cut the banner from the Afternoon Muse Banner paper. But instead of attaching it right side up, I flipped it to reveal the pretty pink scripty/musical note side.

Layout 1: Hello Beautiful
1. Love Games Scorecard 12x12 paper
2. Laced With Grace Floral 12x12 paper
3. Afternoon Muse Striped 12x12 paper
4. Teeny Alpha Brown stickers

Layout 2: There Was This One Day
1. Afternoon Muse Carte Postal 12x12 paper
2. Afternoon Muse Banner 12x12 paper
3. Laced With Grace Butterflies 12x12 paper
4. Laced With Grace Polka 12x12 paper
5. Teeny Alpha Pink stickers

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NanaBeth said...

I don't think I can ever get enough Laced With Grace.