Friday, June 10, 2011

Whatnot Cards with Michelle Philippi

TGIF! It's Friday, school's out for summer, nothin' but good times ahead, right?! Right!
I really love Glitz's Whatnots. They are so so so much fun. As a cardmaker though I was a little standoffish with them from the beginning because I thought they were just to go on scrapbook layouts. But I will not be stifled and deprived of Whatnot goodness! So Today I've got some cards that I made from Whatnots, and that I used my pretty Whatnots on.
These first 2 cards are really fun in that I just took the entire Whatnot and folded it down to make my card and then embellished away. The backside is a great plain white with a gorgeous sheen that is perfect for writing on.
Next up are a couple of quick & easy cards. Cutting my pretty Whatnots down as I would fun patterned paper and then embellishing with stickers makes a quick card on the fly that you can drop in the mail in 10 minutes. Just don't forget the drop in the mail part....sometimes I forget that step *giggles*
New Baby
Glitz Design "Afternoon Muse" Whatnot
Glitz Design "Afternoon Muse" Peek-A-Boos
Be Silly
Glitz Design "Afternoon Muse" Whatnot
Glitz Design "Love Games" Peek-A-Boo
Glitz Design "Afternoon Muse" Glitzer
Glitz Design "Afternoon Muse" Title (cardstock sticker)
All Good Things
Glitz Design "Afternoon Muse" Whatnot
Glitz Design "Afternoon Muse" Glitzers
Glitz Design "Laced With Grace" Whatnot
Glitz Design "Afternoon Muse" Glitzer
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha stickers


Shona said...

your cards are always so cool and them all :)

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Love these! SO SO beautiful,.