Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love Games Banner Book with Michelle Philippi

Banners and pennants are so trendy in the papercrafting world right now. As are mini books, slam books, smash books, whatever you call them, little handmade books are really popular right now too. So I thought I'd combine the two trends and make a little banner book for my daughter to journal and keep important little keepsakes in.
039 copy
I die cut a bunch of banner pieces from Glitz's Love Games collection.
001 copy
And then I punched (2) 1/2" circles in each banner piece for my ribbon to go through and hold it all together. I decided to layer in some glassine bags between each piece where keepsakes could be tucked in. I punched the circles in the bags as well (you'll want to put about 3 of them together for the punch to go through).
015 copy
And then I thought about getting some more volume in there, so I added in some Whatnots
(from the Love Games collection as well).
025 copy
And then I played with the order of how I wanted my little book to be flipped through.
033 copy
052 copy
I didn't embellish much inside the book, but I did go in and add Titles cardstock stickers to the front of each glassine bag so they wouldn't be so stark.
061 copy
063 copy
And then on the back, I added another Titles cardstock sticker with a little more meaning,
and signed it to make it more personal.
075 copy
The front of my book is embellished with fun Titles cardstock stickers, Glitzers, a Giant Rhinestone, and then personalized with some Teeny Alphas.
047 copy
Banner book
Glitz Design "Love Games" Poppies, Scorecard, Stripes, Damask, Floral and Polka patterned paper
Glitz Design "Love Games" Glitzers
Glitz Design "Love Games" Titles (cardstock stickers)
Glitz Design "Love Games" Whatnots
Glitz Design "Afternoon Muse" Whatnots
Glitz Design "Laced With Grace" Whatnots
Glitz Design "Lace With Grace" Titles (cardstock stickers)
Glitz Design "Love Games" Whatnots
Glitz Design Giant Rhinestone
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha


Lynne said...

Love this little mini!! What a great idea!!

kate blue said...

totally awesome...love this!