Monday, November 14, 2011

Beach Paradise to Snowy Paradise with Noel Culbertson

One year ago today I was enjoying the sunshine on a small beach in Fiji. It was my eleventh anniversary, and my husband and I were on the trip of a lifetime. After six long deployments, falling over half of our total anniversaries, it was a dream come true. Ten days with no TV, computers, cars or cares.

Today we're gearing up for deployment number eight, in the next few weeks. It might not be Fiji, but it is what makes our lives uniquely ours. The daily wonders and heartaches, these are the things that mold our hearts and bring us closer together. Life is beautiful in all of its joys and sorrows, because of our joys and sorrows. My hope is to seize each instant and truly live.

Last year, we soaked in the beauty of each moment of those ten perfect days in the sun, and came home to a fresh falling snow and the warm glow of our own hearth and home.

Eleven Things

Eleven Things {detail}

Eleven Things {detail]

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Live What You Love

live what you love {detail}

live what you love {detail}

live what you love {detail}

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