Monday, December 19, 2011

Season of Blessings with Noel Culbertson

The Christmas season brings with it a thousand traditions big and small. From sentimental decorations to secret family recipes to sacred customs. It seems that significance is infused into everything around us. I love to take moments out during the holidays to reflect on all of the things I am thankful for around me and in my life. For our family, it's a deployment year. Which means that we'll be minus one during the season and beyond. It is a stark but valuable reminder to our family to be thankful for all of the time we do get to spend together knowing how precious each moment really is. I saw a sign recently that read, "What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today?" It struck me as an especially good reminder for me this holiday season.

If only in my dreams
Taking a note from finding significance in all that surrounds us during the holiday season try changing up the color schemes on your Christmas layouts to another color that helps tell the story of your Christmas photos. The sweetness of these photos of daddy and daughter taken just before he left for deployment are wrapped in the charm of the soft textures and colors of the paper and embellishments.
If only in my dreams {detail}
If only in my dreams {detail}
If only in my dreams {detail}
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Papers: Floral, Polka, Stripe
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Epoxy Word Stickers
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Peek-a-Boos
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Trims
Celebrate {detail}
Celebrate {detail}
When I was working on this layout I grabbed my die cut machine to punch these frames. The set of cutting pads I grabbed were full of nicks and grooves from their many trips through my Big Shot. I sent the first batch through and they came out embossed with the nick and groove pattern from the cutting pad. It was a happy accident that added a little extra texture to my layout.
Celebrate {detail}
Celebrate {detail} 
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Papers: Motif, Polka, Toile
Glitz Design "Dance in the Sunshine" Paper: Damask
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Titles cardstock stickers
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Peek-a-Boos
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Epoxy Word Stickers
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Trims
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha Pearl