Monday, June 14, 2010

Direct Journaling with Sasha Holloway

Ever wonder when you see paper that has so many elements going on with it and so many patterns or textures and you wonder how can I make it work just go simple with it for a change. I love to mix bright and vibrant colors but I wanted to do something different for those that always ask me about dark colors.

Try it very very simple and see how you like it and then slowly add the elements to overload it with all the goodness.  Below I used 2 different collections for the layout.

 I actually cut down my paper to 8.5x11 and then put it in my printer to journal directly on it to give it a different feel. I was going to journal over the entire background but I felt for the look I was going for it would be too much. So instead I misted to add a little more depth to the color which was a little bland after the layout was finished ..

on this next layout I used the Maya Collection which is absolutely so lovely in person. I think the problem is I love all these lines so much I am afraid to cut into them (snickering).

Here is a very simple layout I did and wanted a different effect on hiding my journaling so I did it on already busy paper and those thoughts I want to keep dark to myself in a sense.

Simplicity Maya
I wanted to also add .. use the paper itself to add depth and dimension to your pages as well ..

.. I hope you try these techniques which are nothing new but sometimes a little bit forgotten. I have also been asked what other products can Glitz work with. Well of course there are many they can vibe with but they have SO MUCH to offer and so many different things for each collection that you should give it a go and try and do it. I might surprise you next month with a little dazzle and show you how to mix with other elements from different products especially paper ..

Enjoy the process and creating

Sasha Holloway  


Lisa Andrews said...

Loving you simple designs. Beautiful work!

leah said...

great techniques, Sasha! Lookin' great!!

dannisdoodles said...

absolutely love that you went with all the white space, these are incredible~!

Lea L. said...

Fabulous layouts, Sasha! Loving all the white space on them!